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Url Color Theme

Hi Zeroqode team,

Im using the Chrome Color lugin and after the first day the color no longer works. I have whatr should be in the hex input “#00ff00”. Thanks.

Hi, @tazkid154!

Thanks for reaching out!
Unfortunately, this issue is not reproducing on our side. Could you please share more details like what Chrome version are you using, result screenshots, Android version and what kind of device you’re using. Also, are you using a dark theme on your phone?
One more thing, is your application web app or native?

Thanks for understanding! :pray:
Best, Julia.

Each plugin worked without the other. IDK what settings to look at or am able to change. I had the url color first, it worked. Then I added the refresh and the color disappeared. So i got rid of the color theme and the refresh continued working.Thanks! I will give i a try again. Thanks!

Hi, @tazkid154!

Glad that you figure that out :slight_smile:

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Also if you have any questions, please, let us know!
Best, Julia.