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URL ROUTER FOR NAVIGATION - Stay logged in issue

Im having the stay logged in problem for a long period of time. i contacted bubble and they notified me with the problem with plugin “URL ROUTER FOR NAVIGATION”.
The said the plugin that handles URL.

Hello, @mergefy. Thanks for reaching out.

Can you please describe a bit more detailed your issue (stay logged in problem)?

What kind of action our app should perform and how our plugin is interfering to the workflow of your app? Please provide as many details as possible, this will help us to figure out the root cause of your issue and to troubleshoot it.

Thank you for understanding :pray:

Hi already i reported in the forum. And i filed a bug complaint in bubble which was investigated by the engineers. The bubble team also ensured me that the option stay logged in is properly created.
The problem is the user cant be stay logged in with the site. Whenever they switch app or they turn off internet, everytime they needed to login again and again.
The bubble team reported that the issue was due to the plugin.
I also checked with a new template workflow with mine, seems equal but don’t know why it is happening.
Hope the team will help me here.


Okay, I understood your problem.

To localize and troubleshoot your issue, we need access to your app. Can you please add our support email as a collaborator of your app ([email protected])?

You can add support email as a collaborator even if you have not the Professional subscription plan.

I’m looking forward to hearing back from you.

Hi kate, Added in collaborator account. please go ahead
THanks for the support

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Thank you for providing our support email access to your app. We will check the plugin’s effect on your app and try to find out the best solution, in order to troubleshoot the “stay logged in” issue. It might take some time.

Still, can you please share with me the step-by-step guidance how to reproduce your bug? (A video record will be super helpful.)
I have tried to reproduce it, but no success. Your app works fine, no logouts. Please, any details will be very much appreciated.