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Use Case for Plugin- Repeating Group to CSV

Hi Team Zeroqode,

We have a use case for repeating group.

So we have a column with all the header data and row with individual dates for which we care counting total no. of form fills on that individual date. So we have 7 dates at a time in repeating group, but the user can select “from” and “to” dates from the date picker dropdown and it is dynamically changed on repeating group.

So how can I add the header text column and row with individual dates in one csv?

This is my use case image from editor

This is the csv I am able to get till now

I want all my status data also in the csv with their :count data for individual dates respectively.
Can you help me with this?

Hi @aayush, thanks for reaching out.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t reproduce your use case on my side. Can you please describe a bit more your use case and the expected result?

Please provide as many details as possible, to make us able to investigate and reproduce the cases you’ve faced. Any screenshots/additional explanations will be highly appreciated.