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User admin and databases access

Hi, I posted my app live but I can’t access the admin page as all the databases were cleared. How do I set my account as admin? And in general, how do I access these new databases? As my categories and other elements for all dropdowns were also cleared and need to be recreated. OR - how do I keep those databases in the live version?
Thanks for help in advance. S

Hi, @lionique

To access the admin page, you should open your app in Bubble.is ->; go to Data section ->; App Data ->; Create a New Database Entry, type of thing “User” ->; enter data for your admin account and set the is_admin to yes.

To copy the database from the development version to the live (or vice versa) you should go to the Data Tab and click “copy and restore database” the link highlighted with red. After clicking the link you will open the menu through which you can manage data copying.

If you have any further questions, please let us know.

Have a nice day!

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OK, so I just work from the database I’m using now for both working and live versions, correct?
Do I need to copy the database every single time I’m going live with the new version of the app? If I do, will it not replace the data in the live database? Or do I need to upload the live database back when starting working and then send it live again? What if users make changes to the database while I’m working on the app? Again, wouldn’t I replace their data?

Yes, you are right during the development you could work only with the development database.
Generally, it’s not necessary to copy data between the databases, as you want to keep those independent (you don’t want test data on Live and vice versa). The structure updates to the database are being propagated along with the app deployment - the only thing which is not migrating by itself is the actual data, and it’s a good thing.
If you want, you could share more details about what do you want to achieve and we will suggest if you do need to copy data between the databases.

I think I got my head around it, should be ok now. I am manually entering data for users now so I’ll need that to be transferred from dev database to the live one but once officially live that won’t be necessary as I can work with live database when adding entries to the database and transfer that to dev database. I just need to remember to do the transfers. Thanks.

I’m glad I could be of help. Please feel free to contact me for any other clarification.
Have a nice day!