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Using a different s3 link

I have been using AWS File uploader - Any File Size, which I been having a great experience

My current workflow: user uploads video, s3 link gets served.

I created a transcoded workflow in AWS and it serves the file with CloudFront (CDN) + transcoded file(e.g: https://0000000.cloudfront.net/output/dash/test.mpd)

is there a way where I can set the plugin to grab that new link with the new file so my video player can display it?


Hi @carlos.miranda0620,

Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, it is not possible to accomplish this with our plugin.


Thank you for the response.

Would you possibly have a solution? or guidance?

Hi @carlos.miranda0620,

Thanks for your feedback. I’d like to assist here but I’m afraid there is little I can help on this matter. Our plugin is simply returning the AWS URL. Perhaps if you’d like to somehow get this new transcoded one, you could use Bubble’s API Connector plugin to build your own APIs to get the new URL.

However, we’ve taken your feedback into account and perhaps will look into future possibilities of our plugin improvement, if feasible.

Thanks for understanding. :pray: