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Using Air Native to make an Native app from one of two connected apps

Here’s my potential usecase for Air Native and I’m wondering if there’s anything I’ve missed or should this work.
My existing app is a social media platform - with lots of pages.
What I’d like to do is use Bubble App connector and an as yet to be designed one page app. This app’s sole purpose would be to handle notifications of new content to the user.
On my phone I’d use the notifications app (native) to login to the main app (web app), and to see the notifications from the main app. Clicking on a notification would launch the webapp my browser and take me to the content relevant to that notification.
Once the notification app is designed and tested I’d use Air Native to turn it into a native app and distribute through the AppStore.
My questions are:

  • Can Air Native handle a situation like that
  • will launching the main app in my browser from the native app work?
  • any foreseeable issues with Apple approval - given the native app will essentially be a set of links to a web page?


Hi @shane.holohan1, thanks for reaching out with this inquiry.

A possible solution might be to have within your main application a separate page that will be converted for native purposes - it will ease up the whole process for you.

Yes, this use case can be implemented with the Air Native service. Kindly note in case you have push notifications implemented, besides the Air Native service, it would require to add also the Air Native plugin, to ensure that notification will be shown properly.

Yes, unfortunately, due to policy restrictions, Apple may reject such submitted project. The fact that in a native app there are links to the website (especially if it is the part of the functionality) - considerably lowers the chance of the app’s successful publication.

Hope the provided answers will help you. In case there is anything else that I can help with about our products, drop a message here.


Hi Serg,
Thanks for getting back to me on this. I’ve been reading various posts on the Air Native service and my understanding is that the whole app gets wrapped, not just one particular page. Have I misunderstood?

My app currently has about twenty pages and it’s functionality boils down to users having and interacting with other user’s profiles, social pages and messaging.
Most of the functionality is in two pages - one handling messaging and profile interactions (based on Zeroqodes Datly template) and one handling social/content (based on Zeroqodes Creately template).
The other pages have less functionality - logging on, profile creation, content management etc, 404, password reset, admin etc. If you look at those two templates all my pages are versions of the template’s pages.

I can (at least in theory) turn most of those pages into reusable elements so as to reduce the number of pages.
A less challenging rebuild would be to combine the two main pages into one, but keep the profile building pages separate (you’d be directed to the webapp to build your profile).

I guess I’m looking for some advice as to how to approach this so as to be able to use Air Native successfully and with a reasonable possibility of the app being accepted by Apple/Google.


Hi @shane.holohan1

Both the whole app or a certain page can be converted, it is up to your project requirements. The Air Native service is in fact showing the responsive version of your app.

The best option would be to consult the Apple Store and Google Play guidelines, and according to them already plan and customize your app structure.