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Utilise the wasabi plugin to PUT the files to another endpoint

I want to upload large files on my bubble app to a PUT endpoint. However, the default file uploader always wants to upload to bubble first.

I’ve started using the wasabi plugin as at least i can get the file from client to server by passing bubble db, however now i want to get that file and send to the endpoint.

the end point is a google cloud storage signed url that I can create on a workflow step.

Any ideas of how I might do this?

Ideally, I’d like to by pass wasabi and send the file directly to the signed google storage url. Is there a plugin that allows me to change the storage provider?

Hi @lancscheese, thanks for reaching out.

I"m afraid that the current plugin functionality doesn’t provide such a feature, sorry for the inconvenience :pray:

Please indicate which plugin do you use for connection with Google (if you use any) and what are the requirements for upload to the endpoint.
Looking forward to your reply.