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Video player : NewVideoPlayer full screen not enlarging


The player dossent enlarge the image when in full screen. It works fine on my iphone, but chrome and andriods have the problem that the screen is still “preview” sizen when it should enlarge.

Please help.


Hello, @sxtn.digital
We are sorry for our long reply here :pray:

I suppose that this issue related not to the plugin ( since I can’t reproduce it on our side), but to your settings (both design and responsive).
It seems like you configured the page only for mobile view, not for the desktop.

Can you please show me the settings of the Group, where VideoPlayer is placed and also, change the Width of the element ( since it is 0 on your side):

Additionally, can you please let me know how exactly video should be enlarged? By workflow, or on the page loading.
Thanks for the clarification.

Best regards,