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Video Player Plug-in - How to make responsive


I recently bought your Video Player and love it but need help.

I was unable to find a way to embed the video player in my web app in such a way that it would resize with the screen.

It seems to only stay at the fixed size at which it was placed on the page originally.

I also tried to use your other plug-in - the Dynamic Height plug-in - which also did not work.

Can you tell me how I can achieve a truly responsive Video Player with your plug-in on my site, or otherwise could you consider making the necessary changes to the plug-in to allow this?

Hello @rich, Unfortunately, our plugin now hasn’t this kind of functionality.

We are planning to make a major update of it, but we can’t tell you timescales when it will be updated.

Thank you,


Any news on this? I am looking for a video plugin with your features + ability to use the video as background in full width


Hi there,
we are about to start working on a new version of our video player plugin, but that will take some time to finish.

Hi @levon any update on this? I also need this functionality. Unfortunately, it’s a must, or I won’t be able to use the plugin.