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Video Player - "When a Video Player has ended" Workflow

Hi Zeroqode, In your audio player you have a workflow selection “When a Audio Player has ended.” This is really helpful because it gives us the ability to change to the next Thing when the song is over.

Your video player seems like it has the capability to do this, but this option isn’t presented. As an alternate solution, I added a text box which states “Yes” or “No” if this video is finished (just like your demo) but the problem is once it changes to “Yes” it doesn’t return back to “No” when the next video starts. If you can add the “When a Video Player has ended” workflow just like the Audio Player that would be helpful, thanks!

Per description above, here’s a screenshot to the “yes”/“no” finished text I am referring to.

hello, we’ll check this out thanks

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Also, the Remove Full Screen button doesn’t seem to remove the full screen button.

One more thing on Full Screen: On mobile, when videos are played, they automatically go full screen. Videos cannot play without going full screen. Is it possible for full screen to be a choice, not an automatic?

Hello, we have pushed an update to this plugin with following improvements:

  1. Fixed Fullscreen mode
  2. Fixed Finished Yes/no status
  3. added plugin events: Ended (yes/no), is playing (yes/no)
  4. Fixed Remove full screen workflow
  5. other minor fixes
    Hope this is helpful

Thanks so much for getting on this so quickly!

Hi Levon, I tested out the page and the Finished Yes/No option seems to work great, thanks! One remaining issue is on mobile it is still forcing a full screen when the video is played. Could you look into that one more time? Below is a screenshot of my settings and a video. My goal is for the video to just play at the size that I created, not automatically go full screen.

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ffl65kdwbtxrgki/zeroqodevideo1.MOV?dl=0

Hi Taylor, unfortunately this seems to be default iOS behavior which we can’t control from within the plugin