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Video Recorder - Is it possible to switch the camera?

On a mobile device can the user switch to their back camera instead of using the face camera? If so, how would this be accomplished?

Hi @cj1

Thanks for reaching out.

Sure, you can change the mode of the camera with the “start camera” action, there is an option to select the rearview camera or the front view camera.

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Thanks so much! I do actually have another question I was wondering if you could help out with… Right now I have a “Watch” button that is supposed to save my video to bubble I have 2 issues I am trying to resolve.

  1. I’m getting this error
    Error: Video Recorder file can’t be uploaded

  2. Do I need another plugin to watch videos within the application?

Thanks for the questions @cj1

Can you please share the setup you have, specifically workflows and how you configured the plugin? Regarding watching the video within the application, yes another plugin is required to watch the video, as the video recorder functionality’s main focus is to record the video only.

In case you have any other questions, let me know :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I assume the Video Watcher plugin would make this possible then?

Yes @cj1, the video player would work in this case, as it can play most video formats and play the video from the URL or a static file.

In case you have any other questions, simply let me know :slight_smile:

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Hey @Kirill,
You’ve been great so far I’d like to say firstly! I am running into another issue however. I have the video recorder set up to automatically save to bubble. I have the process set of starting and stopping recording. However, when I stop the recording and click my download button (Contains the save to bubble workflow) it is giving me an error that there’s no stream. I tried copying the same from the demo, but have had no luck. The playback video isn’t getting the URL either (I’m using the video player plugin by zeroqode as well).

Let me know if you have any advice.
Thank you!

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Hi @cj1

Unfortunately, it is difficult to understand what might be the issue in your case without the screenshots of your setup. Please share screenshots of the error you are getting and how you set up the plugin and its workflows.

Looking forward to your reply.