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Video web app - no code

Are there any tutorials or resources you could point me out to in order to create a simple web app to let two users have a video chat?

@Nicuzz …Agora Video Conferencing - Web RTC is a nice plugin by @zeroqode that could help you out. Check out this link: https://bubble.io/plugin/agora-video-conferencing---web-rtc-1566995240236x776771559460700200

Thank you! I’m installing it right away. I’m struggling with this part :slight_smile:

After the plugin setup, for installation follow these steps:

  1. Place the Agora Connector element on the page

  2. Add 2 elements ex: Visual Element (Shape) or Container (Group or Floating Group) on page, which will be used to render the local and remote video respectively

  3. Assign in the ID attribute field for the above elements (Step 2), respective IDs :

  • agora-local - used to render local video connection

  • agora-remote - used to render remote video connection

I see my agora connector on the page and two flags, but I’m a bit stuck on what to do next. Could you help me out please?

Would it be possible to copy this app: https://zeroqode-demo-19.bubbleapps.io/agora_connector and use it as a template for mine? I already purchased the plug in

Hello Nicuzz,

I bought and installed the plugin a few days ago (already functional for my customers).
Once you have set up your Agora account, got your Agora ID, added the elements (local, remote and connector) you just have to create a workflow in Bubble that will tell the Connector to connect to into a specific room (which can be determined by an input or by a character string generated upstream of the connection workflow).

Hoping that helps.

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Hi @Nicuzz,

I’m afraid it is not possible to copy plugin’s demo app, but you can check its editor here https://bubble.io/page?type=page&name=agora_connector&id=zeroqode-demo-19&tab=tabs-1 to preview the settings and replicate if you will.

I can also see that you have difficulties with instruction process. Here is a good resource with similar request and with screenshots provided for help - Need Help with Agora Setup in Bubble App and a link to documentation for this plugin here https://docs.zeroqode.com/plugins/agora-api-connector-plugin.

Hope it helps.