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Walkthrough auto-start



I’m trying to start my walkthrough tours automatically when a ‘when condition is true’ workflow starts.

E.g. when a person receives their first message;
Or when a person have a certain amount of messages

For some reason my Walkthrough don’t start automatically when the condition is true? Is there something I’m missing? They do start if I add a button that say start walkthrough -> which is not what I really want from an UX perspective.

Any help?



can you share some screenshots of your workflow and its conditions?


Hi yes of course.

So the workaround I’ve created is this.

Step1: When condition is true: "current user only logged in once + tour completed field is no -> show Pop-up with a button that starts tour

Step2: When button Start tour (in pop-up) is clicked -> Start a tour A

Step3: It then goes into the tour.

Ideally I want to skip the pop-up window + button, and just start the tour when the condition: Only logged in once + tour completed “no” is true.

Thank you for your help!


can you please set up a page with your ideal configuration and give us access to your app to [email protected] and [email protected] - pointing to the page that you have created, we will check why it’s not working.


I currently only have one account valid. It’s OK i have found a work-around in the meantime. However not the issue is that the tour start’s everytime the page is loaded. Shouldn’t the tour only happen the first time for the user, then go in-active?


it all depends on how you configure the workflows, you can have a condition on the page load workflow that would check a certain parameter for the current user’s certain field (for example create a yes/no field “onboardingdone” and change it to yes if it was no after the user goes through all the intro steps or on the first page load for the user