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oops, sorry Phil, i was sure I replied, we have fixed the issue same day you posted about the RG, please upgrade the plugin


Looks like it works, thanks!

One more little thing. I’ve noticed that you don’t highly only the element but you actually highlight some space around the element. Sometimes this is confusing because there are other elements close to the element I’m trying to highlight. For example, below, I’m only highlighting the ‘Supplies’ text element:


I wonder if you could decrease the highlight area a little bit, if not down to the actual dimensions of the element, at least closer to it?


Hi Phil,
the plugin already has a setting for that


Ah, that’s beautiful :slight_smile:


The Opacity feature doesn’t seem to work:



Bumpidy bump bump :slight_smile:


Bump bump bump bump.


Hi Phil @philnauta
sorry for the delay
we have just fixed this