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Wanted: similiar to the Justeat template

Hi I’m new to this site and have zero coding experience, I wanted a very simple template similar to the justeat clone but with no payment feature. A simple easy to use MVP. I also have a few questions:

1.can I have this both in website and app versions
2.payment, do I have to pay a monthly subscription or is it a one time payment
3.how long would it roughly take from when/if you accept it to when I can I use it.

Thank you.

Hello, our products are exactly for people with no coding experience, that’s why we are called zeroqode :slight_smile:
we have a template similar to justeat, it’s an Uber Eats clone - you can check it out here https://zeroqode.com/template/food-delivery-like-uber-eats-1525767038595x917710033754259500

now as for your questions:

  1. yes, it’s possible. All our templates are responsive web apps by default and you can wrap them into native ios and android apps using this solution of ours https://zeroqode.com/native
  2. the template and the native solution are sold on a one time payment. But you would also need to subscribe to one of Bubble’s paid plans - check out their pricing page here https://bubble.is/pricing
  3. didn’t really understand it. if you buy the template you can start using it immediately, if that’s what you mean :slight_smile:

Thank you for the prompt reply. What i had in my mind was similiar to the ubereats app but with a little modification. Where would i go if i wanted to further discuss the specifics of the app i had in mind ?. And also when you say i can wrap it into native IOS since im almost completely helpless when it comes to tech would that be something that could be done for me ? And when the app is created would it be MY APP or would it have the bubble name attached to it ? And also my 3rd question is how you understood it so thanks.

we can help with modifications and customization of the template, however our project minimum is currently $3 000, if this is ok, please send an email to [email protected] with as much details as possible and our team would get back to you to discuss this project with you
yes, we can help with wrapping your apps to ios and android, if it’s just wrapping without additional integrations like push notifications etc it will cost $25 per app in addition to the package cost
when the app is created it’s totally your app without Bubble name (given that you are on Bubble’s paid plan not the free one)

Hi levon, il.go ahead and email that add you sent me. Thank you.

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