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Wasabi bubble plugin Failure Testing

Hi All,

I’ve been using the wasabi plugin for quite some time now and it’s been working great, however, I’ve noticed recently that a few uploads have failed and my app doesn’t handle them very well. I’m trying to build the workflow to handle theses failures better, but it’s hard without a way to replicate what upload failure look like.

Does anyone know of a way to simulate or puposefully get an upload to fail so that I can better test the error handing in my app?



Hi @fred, :wave:

Thank you for your message. To help you test and improve your error handling, here are a few ways to simulate or intentionally cause an upload failure:

  1. Network Interruption:
  • Disconnect your internet connection during an upload process. This can simulate a real-world scenario where users might experience network issues.
  • Alternatively, you can use network throttling tools (available in most web browsers’ developer tools) to simulate slow or unstable network conditions.
  1. Invalid File Type:
  • Attempt to upload a file type that is not supported or explicitly set your application to reject certain file types. This can help you test how your app handles such errors.
  1. Exceed File Size Limit:
  • Upload a file that exceeds the maximum allowed size. You can set a limit in your application and then try uploading a file larger than this limit to see how the plugin and your app handle the error.
  1. Incorrect Wasabi Configuration:
  • Temporarily change your Wasabi access keys or bucket names to incorrect values. This will force the upload to fail due to authentication issues or invalid bucket names.
  1. Intentional Errors in Workflow:
  • Modify your workflow to deliberately throw an error at a certain point in the upload process. For example, you can create a condition that fails if a certain variable is met (like a specific filename or size).

I hope this helps!

Best regards,