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Wasabi Plugin - Download All files from (or somthing for downlaod multiple files from list)

Hi there,

I have been using wasbai S3 plugin to upload, retirve and list files from Wasbi using wasabi paid plugin. But One of the things that should have been obvious and useful is giving the most struggle.

I want to download all files from particular folder in wasabi. This folder will just contain the files not any subfolders. Is this something ZeroQuode can add as action ‘download wasabi files’ which can take location of folder or even list of file addresses from wasbai and give user friendly way of downloading multiple files (all files) from the folder. Same way there are two options for retrieving files (retrieve a file and retrieve files), something similar for download will be very useful. I have tried workarounds with other plugin on multiple download and zip download etc but seems like they all fall short on either speed, or UI/UX issues (not knowing percentage till after 5-10 minutes downloading in background) or awkward issues (browser asking to choose folder for each file) and other issues. It would make sense that wasabi and intermediate plugins might be able to handle this best.

If any one who has used wasabi or ZeroQuode team can help guide that will be appreciated. My use case is needing to download multiple (all) files from the folder, many of which will be more than 500MB in size so total can range from 1GB to 5GB


Hi @milindpatel1990, thanks for your message.

To implement this, please use the following setup:

Hope it helps. Please let me know if any additional information about our plugin is required.

So this does not work somehow for files that is anything beyond a few MBs. I notices that the images are downloaded and then video (20MB) did not download. In networks tab in developer tools, I see the file is downloading resources but it has duplicate requests and both of them stop after halfway (this happens sometimes sometime it does not, it is weird behavior even after reloading page) . This is for 20MB video so for most important use case (>1GB) it will be prob worse. A few times it did not even initiate any network request. see second image where three requests started happening for 1GB file (might be delayed response from wasabi from previous requests but I had reloaded the page twice before this test session).

Ideally it will be good to have feature that downloads all files in a zip (I understand this might or might not be possible depending on wasabi’s system). But please consider searching and creating feature for this if possible. Also for multi-file downloads, I have tried a couple of workarounds including forEach (as you recommended) to one of your plugin for multi downloads but they all have some issues when comes to video files. One of the big issues is that when big file is still not downloaded, it does not show up at the bottom of the browser, it only shows up at the end when it is downloaded in the background. This created a bad UI for users as they have no clue whether or not anything is being processed or downloaded or not. This is definitely can be improved in Wasabi plugin’s 'download a waste" file. In any normal way when we download file, we usually have indication of download progress at bottom of the browser.

So please check with developer and let me know if following two improvements can be made with the plugin. First one being most important, second one I can understand depends on wasabi unless managed by serverize zipping.

  1. At bottom of browser, download status shows from the start, not just at the close of finished downloading (see attached image - this items show up at near the end of download). This might be something with plugin’s download a file code?
  2. downloading multiple files as a zip (this is ideal but I understand this can depend on wasabi’s feature or require server side zipping). I have tried zip plugins too but they all have same problems (zip not showing up till the end or sometimes not even showing up specially for large files >1GB and are also generally slow due to being on client side).

Let me know if any questions for me and if can share any demo page for you to test.


Hi @milindpatel1990, thanks for your message.

Allow us to check this moment once again. We would be grateful if you can also share a demo page for your case, that would help to identify any issue much faster.
Once any update will be available, I will let you know.

We will check how feasible it will be to add the requested feature to the future plugin update, thank you for suggesting it.

I’m afraid that is totally related to the used browser functionality, and we can’t influence it through plugin. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Please let me know if we can help with anything else so far.

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Hi @milindpatel1990, thanks for your patience.

We’ve checked all possibilities to implement this feature, and, unfortunately, it would not be possible.
S3 doesn’t provide support for the download of more than one file and doesn’t provide any methods for file activation.
Usage of a third-party service for that particular feature will result in a considerable delay and not a 100% successful result. Sorry for that.

If there is anything else that we can help with about our plugins, please let us know.

@serg Strange, I’m also facing the same problem… I switched browsers to test if it really was the browser, but the same problem occurs, the file only appears when it’s at the end of its download. Are there any solutions?

Hi @Alex.Figueiras,
Unfortunately, this moment is totally related to the used browser functionality, and we can’t influence it through the plugin.
Please let me know if I can help with anything else related to our plugin.