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Wasabi plugin not working

Hello, I’m using wasabi plugin in bubble.io, it was working fine but now it’s stopped working, giving this error, it’s uploading files but it functions in bubble.io not working.

Hi @teamouts003, thanks for your message.

I’m afraid that provided screenshot is not providing enough information to identify the cause.
Please share (here or in DM) a screencast of your plugin elements and workflows setup and use case when you get the error message. It will allow us to identify any possible issue much faster.

Looking forward to your reply.

video is uploading but some functions are not working in development like, uploading progress,
and successfully upload

Hi @teamouts003, thank you for the provided screenshots.

Please try to switch the Autosubmit option to “yes” and see if the issues will be solved. The “no” value might influence the whole uploading files setup.

Please let me know if the provided advice helped you.
Looking forward to your reply.


i find the problem why things are not working, I’m using wasabi plugin and uploadcare plugging on a same page, wasabi is not working due to uploadcare, I don’t know why but this to are not working on a same page, both plugin are zerocode plugin can you guys solve this problem as soon as possible, thanks

Hi @teamouts003, thanks for your reply.

In order to check what’s wrong with your setup and test it out in your workspace, would it be convenient for you to add our [email protected] as a collaborator of your app?

Enter your Bubble editor page → Settings → “Collaboration” tab → Invite a user (email).

(Note: avoid the warning message regarding the plan, as we are an agency and you can easily add us to your collaborators.)

I will check your setup and do a few tests in an attempt to find the root cause and help you fix it.

In case it is ok for you, please let me know.

Hi @teamouts003,
As the error appeared due to a conflict between two of our plugins, we have pushed an update for the File uploads >50mb + Video Capture plugin (Version 1.41.0: fixed conflict with wasabi), which has fixed the issue related to compatibility with the Wasabi plugin.


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Thanks, for the update