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Way to migrate existing bubble users -> firebase plugin?

Is there a way to migrate our existing bubble users to firebase auth without requiring them to re-signup? Further, do you know what hash bubble uses? I’m assuming if we use the same, the hash lookup will work across new and existing users… not sure if this works through.

Hi, @kramwe!

Thanks for reaching out!

Please take a look at our Data sync for Firebase plugin which allows exporting bubble data and might satisfy your needs: https://zeroqode.com/plugin/data-sync-for-firebase-1589727554441x685514740020063600
Also, please visit Live Demo here: https://pwc-data-layer-demo.bubbleapps.io/ to test the plugin. Make sure that you familiarize plugin documentation here: https://docs.zeroqode.com/plugins/data-sync-for-firebase-plugin#can-i-export-my-bubble-data-to-firebase-or-the-data-layer

As per what hash bubble uses question, please take a look at bubble forum threads. Maybe this could help you out:

Or you can make a request right here: https://forum.bubble.io/ where you can find more help from the community.

Hope this helps!
Kind Regards, Julia.

Maybe I’m missing it, but I didn’t find an answer here. How do you move an existing user’s pwd from bubble to firebase given the bubble one-way hash + salted encryption?

Hi, @kramwe!

If I’ve got you right, you’d like to export existing users which are in the bubble database, into your firebase account so they can enter there with the same login details as in a bubble. If- yes, then you can achieve that with our plugin action Create New User PremierDatalay which allows you to add the user one by one. All data sent through JSON.

If you want to move all existing bubble users at once, in this case, it isn’t impossible with our plugin, unfortunately. Apologies for the inconvenience. Regarding what hash bubble uses, I’m afraid we cannot provide such info. Would be better to ask for that information directly on bubble forum: https://forum.bubble.io/.

If I got you wrong, please describe a bit more about your idea of what do you want to achieve regarding moving existing bubble users. How are you planning to use firebase? Do all the users need to be only in firebase? Do they need to have the same login details as in bubble? To help you better, we need to clearly understand your final goal.

Thanks for understanding!
Best, Julia.

If you want to move all existing bubble users at once, in this case, it isn’t impossible with our plugin, unfortunately.

This answers my question. I was hoping you bubble wonks found a way around it. We’re trying to find a way to whitelabel bubble where the sticking point is bubble’s one app = one domain auth restriction. https://forum.bubble.io/t/any-ways-to-handle-user-authentication-outside-of-bubble/99533/6

We don’t have a full solution still. Your firebase app comes the closest in that it’s possible to replace bubble’s native sign-in/login element with firebase and for new users to register with that. I don’t have a solution for the existing users. And, other implementations from the forum all do some type of redirect which isn’t a viable solution for UX reasons.

Hi, @kramwe!

Hope you’ll find the best way for you to achieve your goals. Also, you may contact the firebase support: https://firebase.google.com/support , maybe they can propose the working way around.

I wish you lots of success!
Best, Julia.