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Waypoints limitation

Doubt. I’m feeding waypoints through an RG. I notice that even in the example there is a 23 waypoint limitation (this causes a problem for my app as I have to add a maximum of 100 waypoints). How do I get this Extended Maps (I’m really loving this plugin, but this limitation makes my application unfeasible) to have more than 23 waypoints? (it looks like this is the limit). I read in a post that the extended map I bought from ZeroQode doesn’t have this limitation, but I couldn’t find where to go beyond it. Sorry for my english.

Hello there, thanks for reaching out to us.

Sorry about your experience, I would like to help you sort it out asap.

In order to investigate the problem on your side, please share with me more details:

  • a detailed description of the issue you have;
  • steps to reproduce your issue;
  • screenshots and/or screencast of the issue you have (debugger, browser console, etc.);
  • screenshots and/or screencasts of your setup.

Waiting for your reply :slight_smile:

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Well, as I said earlier… I’m having great difficulty placing waypoints. There is a limitation of 23 or 25. I need to build 100 waypoints and I read earlier somewhere on the forum that it was possible with this plugin. I tried to break the routes into 4 parts but with no success. Here’s a way I’m making the waypoints

And I add the waypoints

My hands are tied. Not even separating the sections into 4 parts was able to assemble the routes and waypoints

Any help will be welcome!

Hi @reginaldo.ro, thanks for your message.
Following your message from another forum thread - seems that part of the challenge has been solved.

Would it be convenient for you to share a screencast with the current plugin setup and currently achieved results? (here or in DM).
It will allow us to understand better the support that we can provide in this case.

Looking forward to your reply.

Yes. I break the waypoints in four tabs. Origin + 24 waypoints + destiny. I solve this question. Thanks for your response!

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Dear @reginaldo.ro, thanks for letting us know that the issue got solved :slightly_smiling_face:.

In case any other plugin-related questions will appear, please let me know, I will be glad to help.
Have a nice week ahead!