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We are Disappointed that we couldn't be able to keep our work running

Dear, Zeroqode I have compliments on your support however your product is clean well designed, but your customer service is poor and undesirable everything from your side not clear and helpful you don’t consider when you help,whether the client is student,low income, or disability group, for example us “we are students " and everything we get from your side is complicated response and always say” it’s beyond our responsibility" atleast you should consider help with some progress or dedicated professionals support we have bought templates and plug-ins but we can’t find a sufficient way to solve our problem please keep in mind at leasg help us to the end for one issues we face, we can’t even hire freelancer since we are from ethiopia and we are fighting with payment methods from our country.
Please give us helpful hand.
Otherwise we are shifting everything to WordPress,
Bubble.io is beyond our capacity but with the help of you provide we can atleast resist external factors that we are fighting currently.
Keep in mind.
Thank you.:heart:

Hello, thank you for your feedback. :pray:

We are doing our best to help all our users in an equal way. We value each of our users and try to provide everyone with the support and care we are competent to provide.

But, unfortunately, in some cases, we can not provide free custom development service since it is not a part of the support member’s responsibility. Naturally, we will provide general guidance and some suggestions on such cases. And of course, if the issue is initiated by our product - we will fix it asap, as it is our direct responsibility. But please note that the support team does not assist with issues/requests that are beyond the initial design/setup of Zeroqode templates, aka custom development services.

We will be glad to share some educational resources on using API Connector, in case you would like to make changes in the purchased template on your own (changing the default payment method of the Coursely template). As we have always recommended to all our users to make sure to obtain some solid Bubble skills before customizing the template made on the Bubble platform.

Please feel free to reach us when you need help with our products. We will be glad to help, as always.