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We want to build an marketplace for DJs

Hi, we are completly new to your platform. We want to build an online platform that helps book a DJ for any kind of party.
How we want this to work:
1.Customer fills a form with the details about party. Ex. date, budget, type of party, number of guests, additional attractions like light, soundsystem and so on.
2.According to this form, the system will match the DJ’s who meets our clients needs. Ex. we have 5 DJ’s who play wedding, have the attractions that the client needs and these dj’s are free at this date.
3.System will send a request to DJ’s. They need to accept the offer.
4. When the system will collect approx 5 offers, it will generate an offer of these dj’s.
5. Client can click in a DJ’s photos (shown in a offer). He will be sent to his profile, where he can see his photos, videos and so on.
6. Client can book a DJ in our platform.

Additional informations:
All the offers that the system will send to a client need to expire after 3 days, so we may need a plugin with expiration links.
We’d love to build a system where our clients doesn’t have to login to our platform or email. We want to give him a full experience on our platform without registration. We were thinking about using a unique links system here. Maybe do you know any better solutions ?
However, DJ’s have to register and fill their profile with description,offer,photos and videos.

Is there any template that can be configured to our needs ? Or is this a kind of project that need to be build from scratch ? If so can we count on some kind of support during building this platform ?

Hello Kamil, thanks for reaching out!

Sorry for late answer and let me walk you through. We offer a a few marketplace likectemplates that can be modified to meet the requirements.

  1. https://zeroqode.com/template/digital-goods-marketplace-1533893840901x312457564791242750
    This template is a store and a marketplace for selling digital goods and can be adapted to your needs. It allows listing items from other sellers and managing customer-to-seller payments, while the store keeps commission. It incorporates stripe payment system.

  2. https://zeroqode.com/template/marketplace-like-amazon-1510064493452x224752494541537280
    This template replicates Amazon’s main functionality, that is brings buyers and sellers together. It allows selling both physical and digital goods, the template integrates Stripe for split payments, allowing the platform owner to keep any commission.

Also we offer customization services or starting from scratch with a project at the entry level but it can be more depending on the project scope. In order to give you cost/time estimates we would need to receive project specifications from you. If you’d like to discuss this further please send an email with all the details to [email protected] with a copy to [email protected] and one of our project managers will get back to you to discuss this project.

Have a great day!