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I was wondering what way are people using to create notification (activity logs when user creating or changing something) system.

I guess this could be done by creating database records but would be great if there simpler way.


Hi Krasimir,
the best way would be to indeed create database records for logs/notifications and it should not be very difficult. The only other way would be to use an external API which would be more complicated to implement.
Hope this helps


Hi @levon

For me it’s just doesn’t make sense to create new thing every time.
I was thinking a few things and if you don’t mind I would love to have your opinion.

  • RSS Feed - I saw you plugin but as far as I know it’s shows the current information, there is no history or I have no idea how RSS Feed works?
  • I checked all of the plugin for push notification but they show you right now the message there is no history for the previous messages or again I’m wrong?
  • I found this product notific.io which I tried and have to admit is pretty awesome but I guess have to be as a plugin to work directly with the app data. Have you ever consider to integrate some product as a pluding about notification system


Hi Krasimir,
you need to store the events in the database anyway, otherwise how do you know which ones to show, which ones are old new, which ones are read or not yet etc.? notific.io is just a UI for showing the notifications, which is good of course but you will need to supply the events from somewhere, and that somewhere is the Bubble database.
Using notific.io with a plugin would be easier but you can also try configuring the Bubble’s API connector plugin using this documentation


Thanks for your time, appreciate it.