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What do you think we should write about?

Hello there Zeroqoders,

We really appreciate you being part of the community and want to make sure we answer your needs. For this reason, we would like to take your suggestions for our no-code blog. Tell us what you want us to write about, or hint us some subjects in the comments below.

We are open to receive any web developement, no-code suggestions for blog writing you might have. Give us hints, longer descriptions of what you want to read, titles or anything elce comes to your mind. We promice to listen to it, and deliver according to the possibilities.

Caterina Rutter
Community Manager @ Zeroqode & Bubblewits


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Hi Caterina,

Perhaps you could consider writing a blog article or tutorial video on how to translate your app to a different language. I understand that Bubble allows for their internal messages to be translated to different languages, and that to be able to translate your app buttons, widgets, etc to other languages one needs to use conditional features. A nice how-to guide would be awesome.

@cmarchan thank you very much for your suggestion. This sounds like an interesting topic, and we will look into covering it.