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What fits the best situation for a no-code app?

I have my issues with no-code in general. I like the approach very much, to be consequent about “don’t reinvent the wheel”. I agree, we have almost everything available and developed in some kind of module and yet nearly every developer reinvents the wheel while programming the uncountable next version of the same application again and again. I agree, frameworks like Ionic are not sufficient, not to speak about CSS-frameworks or so.

On the other hand we have in countless projects I currently (year 2021!) am involved with and were involved in situations, where non-technical user still remain on spreadsheets to a wast extend. And I agree: Almost every spreadsheet is a workaround for a real application that possible should exists but does not.

Between these two poles I see is a gap.

  1. Just like the spreadsheets that come out of non-technical users minds, the same bad, naive interface designs are to await from non-technical users, that get an even more powerfull no-code tool at hand.
  2. We can not expect non-technical users to write tests or so.
  3. The database, entity-relationship style of thinking - which is still needed to create even no-code applications is not for every non-technical user and it is part of the technical knowledge, that non-technical user typically tend to avoid.

I believe, there will be at least the need for designers and technical architects to create usable no-code applications for enterprises.

What do you think?

My name is Kevin Heusinger, I founded Kehrwasser - Hamburg, Germany in 2003. In our blog I wrote this article about no-code and why I find it interesting: (German) no-code-apps-ohne-entwicklungsteam Webflow Entwickler

Hi @kevin, thank you for your message and appreciate you sharing your struggle with no code engineering :wink:

I would best recommend you to post a message inside the Bubble’s forum as there is connected a bigger community of no coders that are involved with Bubble platform.
Inside the Zeroqode forum, users usually write about the ZQ products they use inside their apps, therefore it is focused on our products :slightly_smiling_face:

Appreciate your insight on the topic of no code apps, and thanks again for sharing your article!