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Whatsapp twilio plugin

Hi, I want to test the Twilio whatsapp plugin, but in the manual, I have to install a plugin that I did not find.

Does anyone knows how can I test this plugin without having to pay?

Thanks in advance :grinning: :computer:.

@andrerojasdb, hello and thanks for reaching out :slightly_smiling_face:

You have found the right plugin, it is called Twilio WhatsApp, which is paid with the changed icon:

Apologies for the old screenshot of the Twilio WhatsApp plugin in the plugin documentation (manuals) - perhaps you could find it confusing and supposed that the plugin should be free.

But the Twilio WhatsApp is a paid plugin and, to test it within your app, you can subscribe to it and pay only for the days you are actually using the plugin. So, if the price per month of this plugin is $7, you will pay 7/31 (for August) or 7/30 (September) = 0,23 USD per day.

We will update the image in the plugin documentation, that you’re referring to, to avoid further misunderstandings.

Thank you for your feedback and understanding :pray:
Regards, Kate

Thanks, @kate.

Do you have some courses on how to integrate this plugin?

Thanks again :grinning: :computer:.


You are always welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

Unfortunately, we do not have any courses, that can teach you how to integrate this plugin. But you may use the plugin demo page as an example and the documentation:


I hope it will be useful for you.
Regards, Kate