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Where can I add jobs to my site?

I’m using Remotor.

Where can I add jobs to my site?

Hi @ynfms767,

You can post your jobs under the Recruit section. Here is a promo video that should help you - https://youtu.be/lp_49ZWQOK8.


Thank you very much. I wanted to know where people who are looking for jobs will post the jobs they are looking for, but could you tell me?

Hi @ynfms767,

Thanks for feedback. You can post a new job in the Recruit section, here:

And complete the steps to post a new job:

But job candidates are simply searching for jobs posted by recruiters:

And then apply for a job if you will. And they can create their online CV. You can also find more features in the Profile section:


Thank you very much. I was finally able to understand. I just started bubble not only in English but also in last month, and I’m sorry if there’s anything I can’t do. Thank you in the future.

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Hi @ynfms767,

Thanks for feedback. No worries! Let me know if you have any other questions in regards to our products.

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