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Where is stripe data stored?

I am setting up the headstart pro template, and am wondering where the stripe information is stored?

For example, in this conditional:

Where is “Stripe Customer Subscription” stored? I assumed there would be a table in the database that stored the subscription ID / Name with the user. Sorry, I’ve never used a stripe integration before!

Hello, @drfalken
Thanks for your question.

Please note that all the information regarding the payment operations (subscriptions, payments, etc.) should be stored in your Stripe Dashboard.

Card payments in this template are powered by Stripe using the default card checkout. To set up your Stripe account, go to https://stripe.com, and create an account.
Here is the official documentation for the Stripe plugin configuration within this template:

Please carefully check it and let me know if any additional questions will appear.
Best regards,

Right - everything is working ok, I am just wondering where the “Stripe Customer Subscription” thing is defined. It is not in the database, which is where I expected. For example, if I wanted to see which users have what subscription levels, it appears this is not in the DB?

Hey, @drfalken

As it was mentioned above, all the information about payments, subscriptions, etc. is stored in the Stripe Dashboard.
In case you need to store some information within your Bubble DataBase, you can retrieve the data about the user and Create a new thing in the Bubble DataBase.
Also, you need to create a specific field for the User’s Data Type, which will be called “Stripe Customer Subscription”.

Thus, by creating a new thing in your database, you will see this information, besides the Stripe Dashboard.
By default, we don’t collect this information in the template. So, if you need it, please create it yourself within your application.

Best regards,

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