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Which is an ideal platform to develop a Cross-Platform Mobile App?


I want to develop a cross-platform mobile app? Kindly suggest to me which platform will be more useful or great to develop the cross-platform app?

Hello, @appcluesinfotech
Thanks for your question.

Please allow me to note that you can create your Web Application on the Bubble platform and simply wrap it into the native application, that can be uploaded to Appstore and Google Play, using our solution: https://zeroqode.com/native

Also, allow me to propose you analyze this link, where you can find the detailed description of Popular Cross-Platform Tools:

In case of any additional questions will appear, please be free to contact us.
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That’s actually pretty interesting, because I wanna build an app for my online store, which will work on different platforms

There are no ideal platforms but I usually work with 2 of them: Xamarin, Ionic, flipabit. They have plenty of interesting features which can be useful in-app development, and not only with cross-platform apps. For example, I’ve recently finished the app thanks to flipabit which allows gathering data with covid cases in my region. I even added the option to create different chars out of this data. You can read the overview about their software at https://flipabit.dev/ but I was surprised that this builder is free. Anyway, I’m looking forward to creating another mobile app for my community, and already have some agreements with the local council. That’s amazing!