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Why are templates built with API workflows?

I’m looking at a template, and it looks like a lot of the functions (ex. signing up) are built with API workflows. I’m not understanding the intention behind this, especially when Bubble has it’s own “sign up” functionality. Could someone clarify? Thanks!

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Can you please provide more details on what kind of a template you are looking at?

We mainly use API workflows in order to connect with external services, e.g Stripe, send a monthly newsletter. Therefore some of the workflows are built with API rather than built-in Bubble actions in order to connect with other services that might be providing additional service to Bubble’s functionality. Also, APIs allow using data outside the Bubble.io application and reading big amounts of data in comparison to built-in Bubble functions.

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I’m looking at the Learny template. I understand the need for APIs when connecting to Stripe and other 3rd parties, but it looks like there are APIs upon sign up

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In the Learny template, we use Facebook and Google plugins for the login/signup functionality. By default, Bubble cannot sign/login users to third-party social media. For this, you have to install Facebook/Google plugins and insert in them API keys of your Facebook/google projects. Adding these plugins and indicating your API keys will allow Bubble to connect your app with the social media you want your users to sing/log into.

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