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Why so many bugs all of a sudden?

My web page was working perfectly but suddenly, I cant click on certain things. For example, I cant cancel the classes anymore. I don’t do much changes since I am noob, so I know for a fact I didn’t change anything. Do I have to update something? Thanks.

On top of this, when my users try searching something on their phone, the search button on the index page does not work!! They can’t book classes either. Basically, some buttons have become unresponsive, and I have not clue why! Please help! This has never happened before? Why all of a sudden!

Hello @crisaviles909

If something is not right out of the sudden, please be sure you’re the only one editing the app. Make constant backups to app so that you know when yo rollback to a latest working version of it.
Also would recommend you fill a bug report for your app: https://bubble.is/bug_report
If something breaks within.