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Wrapping process IOS/Android

What is the process from website to app? How does that normally work when an SDK is involved?

Hi @vandastrose, thanks for reaching out and apologies for the late reply (due to weekend).

In case you would like to go with the Air Native solution, all you need is to apply your website URL and add your own images like splash screen, icons, and others, and you’re ready to go.

What you will get from us is the complete source code when purchasing the Native Solution.

With the source code, you will get also detailed instructions on what files to edit, what types/sizes of images you’ll need to replace with your own, the same how to generate the final app.

Allow me to consult on this with my colleagues and provide a feedback asap.


thank you for checking.

Hi @vandastrose, would it be convenient to add few more details to your question? It will allow us to provide a more precise reply for your use case.

Looking forward to your reply.

Hi Serghei

I am looking to integrate a third-party PAAS (Platform as a service) product to our bubble site which we will then convert to IOS/Android app. The product doe not allow for API calls

How difficult or what problems or issues can we expect with the wrapping process where we are integrating via SDK instead of API calls? Is there any documentation on this or advice you can provide?

Thank you

Hi @vandastrose, thanks for the provided details.

I’m afraid that without a possibility to integrate API calls through API Connector, that couln’d be possible.

If the mentioned PAAS is not a plugin, it might work, but unfortunately, we can’t guarantee anything in this regard.

So far, the most appropriate source of information is the official Bubble forum.

Additionally, before building your app, I would recommend starting by reading the guidelines, provided by:

That will allow you to see how to correspond to the platform’s requirements and estimate more precisely the project requirements.

Hope the provided advice will help. Please let me know if I can help with anything else related to our products.

H Serghei

Thank you for the info so far.

The PAAS in question is not available as plugin but is only available as individual SDKs for web, IOS or Android. If I use the web SDK to build my web app would that then be ok when wrapping and not cause any issue with the PAAS functionality of the PAAS when used in the IOS/Android app.


Hi @vandastrose, thanks for your reply.

I’m afraid that we can’t provide a general answer to this. It may depend on many factors/requirements, both from the SDK side and mobile platforms.