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Zeroqode Audio Player - Loading Issue

Hello Zeroqode. I have two questions about your audio player:

  1. First Item has to do with the audio player plugin loading when I am on mobile with LTE. When on mobile, the plugin won’t start playing the song until the song is 100% loaded. But when I test the app on my desktop which is on wifi, the song starts playing almost immediately when the song is only about 5% loaded. I would like the plugin to always play when the song is loaded around 5% because the waiting time to get to 100% isn’t necessary when playing a 3-minute song. Could you look into this or possibly help me resolve this issue? Below are 2 videos of the examples:

A. When on Mobile, the app requires 100% load before playing.
Video 1

B. When on Desktop, the same app plays after about 5% loading.
Video 2

Here is a screenshot of my settings:

  1. Second item: It would be really helpful if this plugin could include a workflow for when the plugin is loading. That way we can have the ability change the icon to a loading icon to tell the user that it is loading. The bubble picture uploader and some other apps include this loading feature. I will add a photo of the picture uploader example in the comments because zeroqode only allows 1 photo per post for new users.

Without this feature, the play button is pressed and it changes to pause, then nothing plays for a while and the user doesn’t know why its not playing. The first assumption is that their volume is too low. Can you help with this?

Here is the image of the bubble picture uploader example for Item 2 above. Thanks!!

@taylor Hello.

1.) Regarding your first question, I could say that everything is set correctly, what I can offer you is by trying on other mobile devices and mobile networks. I’m sure that testing it internally, we did not encounter such issue of waiting for track to fully load while using both mobile network or broadband(wireless network).

2.) Regarding the improvements of the plugin while adding an event in the workflow for it to be triggered while users wait the loading time we are looking into it.

Will keep you informed thanks for your patience.


Hi Taylor,
we have added “Audio is Ready To Play” event to the plugin,
to give it a try, please upgrade to the plugin’s latest version and refresh the editor.

Thanks for the update. I’ve tried it again and I’m not sure if its faster or not. It also could be an issue of how my app is programmed which is causing it to work slowly. No need to continue to resolve this issue for me, I plan to update my app to include video in lieu of audio. But I hope this feedback was helpful. I can email you a video of the speed if you would like.

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if you could post the video here it would be great, thanks!

No problem. The phone recording video doesn’t have sound, but what you are seeing is me pushing a song, then waiting for the audio to start. Usually I have the audio bar hidden but for this video I made it visible at the bottom so you can see how it is loading before the song starts. That is why you will see me scroll up to a song, then scroll back down to watch the audio bar.