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Zeroqode Chargebee Plugin doesn't work


we have tried to integrate Chargebee Plugin 1.2.0., but this plugin don’t work correctly by Add Card (Actions: Generate Token > ChargeBee - Create a card payment source via token for customer).

In the debug mode you can see, that Token by action “Generate Token” can not be generated and if you’re trying to check the Demo of plugin (https://zeroqode-demo-23.bubbleapps.io/chargebee) - there thr “Add Card” function is also not worked… (see screenshot Bubble Chargebee Plugin 1)

Please fix this error asap.

Best regards,

Hi @anton, thanks for reporting this issue.

I’ve passed it to the developer team for fixing. Once there is any update, I will let you know asap.

Thank you for understanding :pray:


Hi @anton, thanks for your patience.

The error within our demo page appeared due to the fact that the key inserted in “publishableKey” field (in the plugin element) was incorrect. We’ve fixed this issue so the Add Card workflow works properly now.
Please be sure to have inserted the correct one on your side too (insert the publishable key from the Chargebee dashboard into the plugin element).

Hope it helps. Please let me know if there are any other plugin-related questions that I can help with.