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Zeroqode Template Feedback - not no code, poorly documented, etc

Hi I purchased the Pinterly template and wanted to express frustration with a couple of things:

  1. “Zeroqode” uses Javascript scripts in its templates, which is disingenuous to the spirit of no code, since, hey, I can’t edit it without knowing Javascript…
  2. The template does not work out of the box. I installed it and am running it, but it is displaying odd behaviors when I try to run it as ordinary user. The documentation is rather weak to understand why you build it the way you did. Since the construction is a bit unusual to me, I am just not touching anything right now.
  3. The app does not have a true “landing page” which was not clear. I seems designed to be put under a subdomain like “app.domain.com” and then have a landing page in front of it. I would like the option to have a true landing page.


Greetings, @aum1. Thank you for reaching out

Partially you are right - “inside” the no-code visual editor, there is actual code. And if you want to edit some advanced template features, you may need to have some basic knowledge of HTML or JSON.

But there is no need for users to know the Javascript, to be able to edit the template. The general template customization requires no-code knowledge, but at least a Beginner Bubble skills.

When you are facing some errors, related to the template’s Javascript/HTTP/other error types - you can do a few things:

  1. make sure that the changes you’ve made were done correctly;
  2. google/search for some insights on how the functionality you want to have, can be done on Bubble (via Bubble/Zeroqode forums);
  3. google/search for the details of the error you receive when you’ve done some changes to your template (to find a bit more details of your problem, what could cause it and possible ways to fix it);
  4. create a forum request with the detailed description of the issue you’ve faced - so we can assist you to fix it :slightly_smiling_face:

The “out of the box” formulation is acceptable for our templates with the only condition - if the template owner will adjust properly all keys (for the plugins, where the authorization is required) and fill the database with some data, to be displayed in your app.

Would you kindly provide us with some examples of the odd behavior so we will be able to assist you to fix it?

Current template documentation is containing the detailed description of the database tables/values, reusable elements (necessary parts of the template), and the explanation of the custom states, that might be unclear for the new users.

For some instances the template documentation can seem a bit uncomfortable, for unfamiliar with the Bubble editor users - I completely agree with you. But we are working on improving the documentation of our templates to reveal all features of the product, their destination, use cases, etc to make the documentation handy/clear for all our users.

Also, I would like to suggest you take a look at some Bubble educational materials, to make it easier for you to understand how does Bubble editor works and to let you edit your template with fewer efforts and more pleasure:

I will be waiting forward to assist you with your template related problems, so both of us will benefit from this - you will be glad using our product, and we will be happy to know that you are enjoying it :slightly_smiling_face:

Apologies, but the Pinterly template does not imply to have the landing page. Neither the product description nor the demo page itself mentions the presence of a landing page.

There is a home/index page where all pins are listed (posted by all template users), but the landing page is not designed for this template.

If you’d like to have the landing page in your Pinterly template, you can create it manually (the template is fully customizable and there is no problem to create as many pages with the different functionalities, as you want). It shouldn’t be very challenging if you study some Bubble educational materials.

I hope the information I have provided will be useful :pray:
In a case if you have more questions or if you want to provide us with the list of troubles you’ve faced within your template - please let me know.

Regards, Kate