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🗿 Zoom Meetings and Webinars - New Plugin from Zeroqode


Use Zoom plugin for personal authentication , create and manage Zoom Meetings and Webinars right from your Bubble app.

You must have a Zoom account. This plugin uses Zoom OAuth authentication. This means, plugin will have to be registered in Zoom Marketplace, and thereafter any user registered on your Zoom master account will be able to use the plugin by logging in with his Zoom account: https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/guides/getting-started/zoom-platform

For details, screenshots and demos please visit the plugin page at: https://zeroqode.com/plugin/zoom-meetings-and-webinars-1598598953629x340801926987435140

Zero Code Conference 2020. October 7-8

Levon Terteryan

Founder @ Zeroqode


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Hey there!

We’ve loved this plugin but continue to get an odd error:

Have you experience this or is there any way to avoid this refresh token error?

Hello @joe. Thanks for reaching out and apologies for the late reply :pray:

Would you kindly share a bit more details on your problem? Like, your plugin settings, console error screenshots, and information on how to reproduce the error you get.

Also please make sure you have doublechecked your plugin setup according to the docs:

Can you please also try to update your access token? It might work.


Hi! we do have it setup the correct way there.

Can you please check here to see what the issue is?

The other issue we’re facing is that we don’t know when their access token is NOT valid, which is when we’d need to immediately run a workflow to update. Instead of waiting for the next 3599 second workflow to run.

Because we have a popup that let’s users create a new zoom meeting with their account, but right now we don’t have a way to quickly check if their current access token is valid or not and if they need to re-auth with zoom. I don’t see a method in the docs around how to check and update if that’s the case?

Bumping this issue @kate

In the meantime we’ve just started saving a date as 3599 seconds after authentication, and just checking for that and if it’s in the past we send them to their settings.

But I also am now noticing that the plugin takes a minute to recognize a user is either logged in or out and will say Zoom login or Zoom logout at the wrong time. Have you all noticed any issues with that?

@joe, please accept my apologies for such a late reply :pray:

Let me please check these 3 points with our dev team (how to check when someone’s token is not valid; how/when to add the workflow action to update it, if possible; the time needed for recognition if the user is logged in or not in Zoom).

Thank you for your time and patience :pray:


I have just tested your Zoom Login functionality within the app you’ve shared - and it is working pretty well. No issues at all. Your workflow setup, related to the plugin, seems to be correct also (except for the few differences with the documentation, but it is still workable).

Can you please tell me when exactly you receive the error you’ve mentioned in your first post? Detailed steps to reproduce with screenshots or screencast will be very much appreciated.

Nope, we have not encountered any alike issues on our demo page.

You are running the first workflow (this one) when your new user is login into your app with his Zoom credentials. This workflow already creates a record in your User table with new zoom_token/zoom_refresh_token values. So, in a case if your new just logged in user has an expired token, a new zoom_token, which will be created in the first workflow, is already updated.

As a variant, you can try the following. Add the action “refresh token” and all the following (this one) into your Do when LoginWithZoomButton A’s auth_error is not empty event. In this case, when your user won’t be able to log in and zoom_error appears - you can try to refresh your user’s token in an attempt to resolve the issue.

I hope my insights will be helpful. :pray:

Hey guys - we’ve purchased your Zoom Meetings & Webinars app and we’re trying to figure out what we’re doing wrong. When we try to use an unpublished app on Zoom Marketplace, it won’t let anyone but us use the Oauth functionality. When we try to publish our app so our clients can connect their accounts with ours, we’re being asked to host a file on our root directory, which from the looks of it isn’t possible on Bubble.

Has anyone successfully published their Zoom Marketplace App using Bubble so other users can connect using the Oauth login flow?

Hello, @brian1. Apologies for the late reply.

Unfortunately, I have no such information. But I hope the plugin and Zoom documentation will help you figure out the questions you have:

Have a good day.

Hello, everyone!
We have updated our Zoom Meetings and Webinars demo page :tada:


Hope you like it.
Cheers! :slightly_smiling_face: