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Zq Calendar problems

Hey everybody, I bougth the ZQ drag n drop calendar a few days ago but it’s giving me problems all the time.
First of all, when I click on “add to calendar” it doesn’t show up automatically on the calendar, I have to refresh the website. I tried to fix it by enabling auto binding in the Privacy section but it still doesn’t work.
When I try to drag and drop a calendar event it just freezes and duplicates it as you can see in the screenshot below.
I doesnt duplicate it in the database tho

If I refresh the page it goes back to where it was.
And sometimes these black lines appear on sundays

Can anybody help me?

Hi @busini,

Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, this issue is not reproducing on our side after testing. Could you please follow our doc instructions here just to make sure everything has been configured properly, the same way? Then give it a try again.

You can also check our demo setups here for reference. However, if you still encounter the same or any other issues, please share screenshots of your app setups and calendar settings, so we can replicate them on our end to see where the problem might be. Also, tell us your browser and OS versions you are using to develop the app.