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ZQ Fuzzy Search & Autocomplete doesn't work if the page loads with additional parameters passed to the URL


I have the ZQ Fuzzy Search & Autocomplete on most of my pages that show a repeating group and it works great. I recently changed my fixed menus though so that they navigate to these pages, and in the workflow send more parameters to the page, such as “user = me”, so that I can do workflows such as “When this page loads, and get user from URL = me, do a search for, Owner = Current User” and so on.

However since doing that the search and autocorrect plugin no longer works. It only works if I go to the page by its direct URL, but any time I load the page with the send more parameters to the page the search and autocorrect never works anymore. Is there anything I can do?


Hello @lmoreau,

Thank you for reporting the issue!

It will help a lot if you could add [email protected] as collaborators to your app. This will allow us to inspect the issue and research for a potential solution ASAP.

Thank you in advance