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ZQ Fuzzy Search & Autocomplete dynamic update of data


Really enjoying the ZQ Fuzzy Search & Autocomplete plugin, but I have a quick question. I have everything set up and working well with a search term coming from an input field value, and results displayed in an RG.

My problem is: while the search results are being displayed, if a new Thing is created that should match the current criteria, the search results are not dynamically updated i.e. the new Thing doesn’t immediately appear, as it would in a native Bubble search. The input (search) field has to be cleared and then the same search criteria re-typed for the new Thing to appear in the search results.

Is there a workaround or a possible fix for this please?


Hi, @aweeden!

Thanks for reaching out!

Let me check this carefully and I get back to you asap!

Best, Julia.

Hi @aweeden!

So, we have checked the plugin and in this case, this is how the bubble works. It is not an issue, the plugin receives the data once you do a search. If you have added the new entry in the database, the plugin will populate the RG when you do search for. Otherwise, this won’t be shown. The automatic verification of database changing will lay down the app performance.

Best, Julia.

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