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ZQ Fuzzy Search - Search for a data type that is different from the repreating group's data type

Hi all,

I am trying to use the ZQ fuzzy search plugin to filter a repeating group on a field (Name) that is included in a data type (Customer) that is different from the repeating group’s data type (Invoice) and i can’t seem to make it work.

I have 2 data types: Invoice and Customer. There is a field within Invoice whose field type is Customer, i.e. it’s not a text. And i want to search for Name which is in the Customer data type.
Image 2021-10-04 at 9.52.57 AM

I have a repeating group whose type of content is Invoices and which returns all the values from the Invoices data type, including Customer, which is not a text but links to the data type Customer:
Image 2021-10-04 at 9.57.43 AM

Now, I want to be able to search the field Name (which belongs to the Customer data type) to filter that repeating group, but the field Customer does not show up in the search plugin’s settings because it’s not a text:

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Here’s a link to the app https://fuzzysearchsearch.bubbleapps.io/ (I made it public) and I invited the [email protected] email just in case.

Thank you!

Hello, @42.decaen
Thanks for reaching out and for using our plugin.

Please allow me to note that reproduced behavior is the expected behavior at the specified settings. So, unfortunately, but your settings for the filtration is not workable. :pray:
The best way to display the name of the customer during the searching - to create a “Name of Customer” to simply “Name” in the Invoices data type.
Please note that searching could be performed only with the text format, in this specific case.

Please check the documentation for this plugin: https://docs.zeroqode.com/plugins/zq-fuzzy-search-and-autocomplete

Hope it will help you.
Best regards,

Thanks @Ecaterina for the super fast response!
I understand what you’re saying. But if I change “Name of Customer” to simply “Name” in the Invoices data type, then I lose the connection to the “Customer” data type. So if I do that, the two data types are not linked anymore, right? I need the two data types to remain linked because the “Invoice” data type stores all data on invoices (e.g. payment date, amount etc.) while the “Customer” data type stores all data on customers (e.g. customer name, address, etc.)
Thank you

Hello, @42.decaen
Thanks for the question.

Please allow me to add some highlights to your request.

You can make them linked ( as it is in your case), but unfortunately, even with linked tables, there is impossible to Search through both of them. So, In case your “Invoices” data type contains an object from another, like “Customer”, it doesn’t mean that plugin will be able to cross-search.
The Bubble platform is not able to proceed on it.

As was mentioned in my previous message, the searching will work properly only with text format.
So, in case you displayed the “Customers” data type, the plugin can’t filter the name, which is just a field with data in this Data Type.

Thus, the best option is to include the “Name” field in the “Invoice” table and to filter it there.

Best regards,

Thank you @Ecaterina.
I need to think about how to do this search without changing how my data types are structured because I think that the data structure is the right one and I can’t just input a name (as text) in the “Invoice” data type. I really need to link that name to the “Customer” data type.
If anyone has a solution here, I’d really appreciate it.
Many thanks!

Hello, @42.decaen

Indeed, your settings are correct and workable. :slightly_smiling_face: But unfortunately, the cross-searching is not possible both with the Bubble platform and the Fuzzy Search&Aurocorrect plugin. :pray:

Such queries work in MYSQL, for example, where you can work with a few DataBase tables in one action. But unfortunately, you will not be able to filter the data field from one database through another with your current settings.
You can try to check other plugins, like an Algolia: https://zeroqode.com/plugin/algolia-search-v-20-plugin-for-bubble--1540375006836x287114215703707650

For using the plugin you’ll need to get the API credentials from Algolia. In order to have the filtering option from the „Algolia Search” element working it is needed to set up filtering and faceting in Algolia Dashboard.

Please check the documentation for this plugin: https://docs.zeroqode.com/plugins/algolia-search-plugin/algolia-2.0-simple-search

I’m sorry for this inconvenience
Best regards,

thanks @Ecaterina for your answers!


Hello, @42.decaen

You are always welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:
Please be free to contact us in case of necessity!

Best regards,