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ZQ HomeBNB template Issues

Hi, on the HomeBNB template I think there is an issue on the roo page in the Reserve group. On the preview of the template it works. But when I preview my project it doesn’t work. I did not make any changes to this section or anything connected to this section. Would you be able to take a look and see if you can replicate it or look at my project?

Please advise

I created two new projects to test and the issue persists. Even without making any changes to the template

Hi @AlexaAnne,

Thanks for asking. Actually everything is correct. This is not an issue, because in your editor you have the development environment where you edit your application, and the results on preview may differ from what you see in editor. In this case, these are the dynamic setups for calculating the total price of a specifc booking, as well as dynamic date for picking.

Imagine if you have 100 listings on your web app, this would mean you hav 100 pages in your editor for separate listings, so they had the same price as you set a static value of $99 and so on.

But here, you just have a single room page where you dynamically set values.


@alexander thanks for your reply. I did some more digging around the AirDate/TimePicker plugin… this is where the issue is at. The template came with AirDate/TimePicker plugin version 2.9.0 and the logic works as you explained it. But when I upgraded the plugin that’s when I started to get the error I was experiencing. I downgraded the plugin back to 2.9.0 and contacted the plugin’s publisher. Thanks for your help!

@alexander, thanks again for your help. For the stripe payment, I followed the reference and got no luck when I tested connect stripe on the settings page and on the users page.

My stripe account is set correctly. I use it in another app with the ZQ Stripe Marketplace plugin. Is there something I am missing or need to do for the seller account to connect?

Also, I run into issues when I try to process payment for reservations. Do I need to do anything additional that the payment reference in the docs?

Hi @AlexaAnne,

Thanks for feedback. I’m glad the first issue is solved.

As for Stripe setups, sorry about this one as we’ll have to update our docs a bit. We do have a more enhanced doc for setting your Stripe that we use in other templates, so could you please check this resource instead - https://docs.zeroqode.com/connecting-stripe-payment-using-stripe-plugin then giving it a try again. :pray:


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@alexander thanks for sending the stripe resource. The setup worked well to register the seller and to charge the user. I have two more questions about stripe.

1) is there a reason why Authorize charge only is checked? I am trying to understand the logic of why this is used instead of charging the user directly. (Is this to give the host ability to approve the reservation before confirming the booking?)

2) in the page that loads when the seller registers their business. Is it possible to hide bubble io in the bottom?

Hi @AlexaAnne,

Always welcome.

Yes, it is done so the charge is hold up to 7 days and host is able to approve it, but it can be done in his Stripe dashboard only in this case.

By the way, you can hover over any field or checkbox in Bubble and the reference to its manual will appear:


So you can check on documentation.

Yes, but actually it can be replaced. And it is replaced with your own domain which has to be purchased and actually to purchase a paid Bubble plan, because Hobby plan implies Bubble branding. For more information, please check https://bubble.io/pricing/compare.


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