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📝 ZQ Rich Text Editor 2.0 - New Plugin From Zeroqode


Completely rewritten from the ground up, the RTE plugin just got smarter with new version 2.0. Lighter and more efficient code made the plugin element simple to use and feature-rich.

Rich Text Editor toolbar comes equipped from bold, italic, underline options to attaching a link or uploading a file (image). Change the heading size or choose from more than 20 fonts.

This plugin supports lightweight mode, mentions, hashtags, pasting images from the clipboard and other useful features that make this plugin a really powerful WYSIWYG Editor.

For pricing, demos and other details please check this page: https://zeroqode.com/plugin/zq-rich-text-editor-20-1527080205468x894712503856267300

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Awesome, thank you!

How can you turn off the formatting options you don’t want? That was a great help in the last version.


It also looks like hitting “Enter” to create a page break in the Lite version resets the focus to the top of the editor (even in the demo). Could it be that the editor (or Bubble) is using “Enter” to submit the form element? That should obviously be disabled for an element like this.

This kind of thing was also an issue in the last version. The auto-saving often resets the scroll position or messes with content, making it difficult to stay in a “flow” while writing.

Lastly, the content in the new demo doesn’t provide much help, unfortunately.

Thanks for all the work on this. Hopefully those issues can be ironed out soon.


Hello there @chris1, Thanks for reaching out.

Regarding the disabling of formating options, it’s impossible in the new version of Rich Text Editor.

We found an issue with the “Enter”, and our team is fixing it now, I will be back to you of a matter ASAP.

And regarding the demo, could you provide us with a Feedback which functionality should be implemented in demo for providing much help?
We will analyse your feedback and then I will be back of a matter.

Thank you,


Thanks for the reply, @Nikita.S, and thank you for working on a fix for the “Enter” bug.

It’s really unfortunate that disabling formatting options is impossible, because it basically prevents this plugin from being properly used for a “Medium-style” editor.

Medium’s design team made specific choices to limit the amount of formatting possible to make content more consistently legible across writers and different kinds of content. That was a good design decision and certainly one that other products (like mine) would want to be able to mimic as much as possible.

While some applications will want users to be able to format content in whichever way they choose, many users don’t know how to properly format content for the web. For instance, users will often underline text for emphasis, without realizing that it makes the content look like a hyperlink.

Hopefully you and the team will be able to reconsider that decision. I’d happily improve my rating to 5 stars if the “Enter” bug is fixed and we can limit formatting options as before.

Edit: If the team doesn’t want to officially support adding the ability to remove formatting options, could you at least provide unique class names for all of the different formatting options (in the code). That way, at least I could write custom code to turn off (display: none) certain options. For instance, the “font” option just shows a ton of “Sans-serif” options and looks broken to a user.

Thanks again for all the hard work!


Okay @chris1, we really appreciate your feedback regarding Medium-style editor, for your case may be the better option for you is our Modular Editor Plugin here.

Check out please this one

Thank you for the feedback,


@Nikita.S Thanks for the link! I hadn’t seen that before. Looking into it now :slight_smile:


Hey @chris1, FYI the issue with enter was fixed.

Now you have to update the plugin to the latest version, and refresh the page.

Thank you,


Hi @Nikita.S

When I upgrade the plugin and refresh my Bubble editor, the new plugin literally doesn’t show anything on the screen for the text editor. It’s a blank div. Did you test and confirm that the new version still renders on the screen? I’m on a Mac in Chrome.

So you know, I literally double-checked this by reverting to 1.49, refreshing the browser, and the text editor shows back up again. That was the only change I made.


Hey @chris1, which Bubble version do you have on your app? You should be on latest Bubble version for using the plugin.

We doublechecked the described case and we don’t have same issue on the plugin demo, you can check it here.

Thank you,


@Nikita.S Well that’s very strange, I’m on the latest version of Bubble:

I just tried using 1.50 again and have the same problem. Something weird is going on. Do I need to replace the 1.49 element on the page or somehow change it’s render logic?


@chris1, no you don’t need it, it looks strange, could you provide us the read and edit access on your app, adding [email protected] to collaborators to your app?

And our team will check this kind of bug, and I will be back to you ASAP.

Thank you,


@Nikita.S I totally understand that is the next logical step and you’re trying to help, but I’m not comfortable collaborating at that level right now with my app. I’ll have to see if I can figure it out myself or find an alternative path. Perhaps the Modular Text & Docs Editor will work (once that Mac + Chrome deleting issue is fixed).


@chris1, okay i’m totally understand your will, I will update you of a matter regarding Modular, and then you will change the plugin element into your app.

Thank you,


Hello - the new update really made this plugin a lot worse. Now I can customize anything. I need to be able to hide certain features from the user. Please fix this - thanks!


Hello @michaelchang516

Thanks for feedback. We appreciate it, and we always take notes regarding any additional ideas or feature requests. We sincerely appreciate your insight because it helps us build a better product. However at the moment plugin works as intended, being feature rich and ease of use.
Thanks for understanding.



@Dumitru Great plugin! But this editor has too many functions in the action bar for my users. Will it possibly be possible in the future to set the number of actions to certain (like the richtext)? Hiding certain actions would be extremely helpful. Furthermore I think it is a pity that you can’t format the design.
Is it actually intended that the light version does not have a scrollbar?


Hello @j.hennersdorf

Thanks for reaching out! We sincerely appreciate your insight regarding customization possibilities because it helps us build a better product, however at the moment we do not plan to make customizable toolbar.

As for the ScrollBar not showing inside the light version, seems like a bug. Transferred it, to our developers to check it out and provide an update on the matter asap.
Thanks for understanding.




Hello @j.hennersdorf

We pushed an update to the plugin, fixed the scrollbar and added possibility to either use or don’t use a scrollbar.
If you don’t want to use the scrollbar , check the box inside the ZQ RTE Lite element to make the content to resize by fittin all the text in height while extending the div.


Please check the latest version of plugin , by upgrading, place the element on page and give it a try. :slight_smile:

Thanks :pray: