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ZQ Rich Text Editor Issue


I have an issue with the ZQ Rich Text Editor when I use the control on a popup window. If I enable and then try to use the Hashtag or Mention functionality the little window that is suppose to appear (with a list of hashtags or mentions) is displayed behind the popup window and cannot be interacted with. This functionality works fine if the control is placed directly on a page but not if used in a popup. Any possibility of getting this fixed?



Hi @AZDryHeat,

Unfortunately, we did not manage to reproduce the bug. Could you please make a video and/or screenshots of the bug and the workflow? It will help us to understand why this problem appears and how it could be solved.

Thank you in advance!


Sure, I created a simple page with one popup window and placed the ZQ Rich Text Editor on both. I enabled hashtags and put in some entries (11, 12, 13, 14, 15). The video below shows the behavior I encountered. As you can see the little window that appears when you start typing the hashtag is shown behind the popup but works correctly when the control is just on the page.


Let me know if you need anymore information. Thanks!


Dear @AZDryHeat,

Thank you for the details and video!

We now are working on the development of V.2 of the plugin and these issues will be solved with the update. We will let you know when v.2 will be published.