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ZQ Rich Text Editor not displaying input text from parent group

Hello, I am unable to display the HTML text in the rich text editor after I have saved it. This will be dynamically changing when clicking on different “Slivers”.

I saved the text as HTML into my database:

However, I cannot get it to display the text for each unique “Sliver” group.

In the below picture, when I click on the Sliver “Test Sliver 1,” my IMPORTANT TEXT text box updates with the dynamic text “test Sliver 1” (not the same as the title “Test Sliver 1” that I initially clicked). However, the rich text editor isn’t populating with the last saved text, which should be “

Please work Test 1




Here is my formula:

I would like this text in the rich text editor to dynamically update (like the IMPORTANT TEXT box does)
when I click between the Slivers; “Test Sliver 1” and “Sliver 1.2 Test.”


Greetings, Josh!
Thanks for reaching out!

Many thanks for the detailed description of your issue. We need to test your case and find out the best solution. I will inform you as soon as I have any info. Thanks for understanding!



Our Tech colleagues have checked the plugin work by reproducing your issue. The ZQ Rich Text Editor seems to be nicely workable on our side. Perhaps, the issue is not in plugin work, but your workflow adjustment. Please take a look at these screenshots and check if your workflow is set correctly:

Please make sure that you have adjusted the elements settings correctly. Check and confirm.

I see. Thank you for the detailed response. I will continue trying.


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