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ZQ Rich Text Editor Plugin + Eventy Template

Hi There,

I just bought a ZQ Rich Text Editor Plugin, and I would like to use this with the Eventy Template as I really like this plugin.

I’m looking to replace the Rich Text Input with this ZQ plugin

This is the config of the Rich Text Input

When i replace this element with RTE MAin Version, it looks something like this

Please advise on what changes i need to make here, and on the data - to enable this successfully.\

Do I also need to disable/change the Rich Text Input Small?

I’ve tried the instructions given on the plugin page but it’s not working.



Hi Vatsa,
i’d suggest you to check this demo page as an example of RTE plugin set up.

also this documentation might help you get it right: https://docs.zeroqode.com/plugins/zq-rich-text-editor-plugin

Hi Ievon,

I did check this and implemented, but it doesn’t work.

Do I need to also add the new data sets (RTE, RTE Items etc) as in the demo ??

Hello @vatsa

Let me jump in here. You’ll need to assign initial content for the ZQ RTE. In the Initial Content field for RTE choose the Source of your content.

Since you’re replacing the Rich Text Input Large with ZQ RTE, it should be he same initial content (Parent group’s text).

Also the Pop-up should have a text data source which is (Parent group’s event’s description) to be displayed on the ZQ RTE.

Please try it out. However if you require a different scenario, that’s up to you how you configure the app.


Hi Dumitru,

I require the same scenario, I’ve tried the following but still the text editor doesn’t work - i’m unable to edit or use it in the expanded/large view format.

Let me show you step by step what i did for your better understanding:

I went about replacing the Rich Text Editor Larget with ZQ RTE Main Version


There was an error - so I replaced this with Parent’s Group Text


In the preview mode - this editor doesn’t work.

Please advise / or correct incase something’s wrong.


Hello @vatsa

For the workflow in question, you should replace the RichTextInput large value with ZQ RTE’s value since this is the element you’ve replaced in app.

Please check this out.


Hi Dumitru,

I’m not able to find the ZQ RTE’s value from the dropdown

Please advise.



Hello there!

The “ZQ RTE” is not element name, it’s the name I used to distinguish it from the other RTE element name.
Since I don’t know how you’ve named the ZQ RTE plugin, it’ll require for you to check it in the list, find it and use its value.
Since originally in the workflow, it was Richtextinput’s value.
Hope this helps.


Hi Dumitru,

I’ve done that - replaced with RTE MAinversion A

But now I’m lost what to do here.

Can you help?



I’ve added this, but it still doesn’t work

Can you please help?



@Dumitru please help here! would be great if you could demonstrate how to set this up completely, thanks

Hi @vatsa
Please add [email protected] as collaborator to your app, and pinpoint to the page location with issue in question, so we could check it out.

Hi @Dumitru

I’ve added the support email as a collaborator to the app - its called Standout-V3

I just need to replace the Rich Text Editor Large with ZQ RTE - to beautify the way users in my app can create events - descriptions with text, pictures, buttons etc with the advanced features that ZQ RTE offers - to basically improve the visual content of my events in the app.

I’ve tried all the suggestions given by you, but in the side panel of create/edit event section, when i click on expand the text box to add event description, this is showing without any option to add text or do anything per se



Hi .

We did check the app, the event description is written in the database which is where the RTE elements pulls it.

Here is the page configuration used for sidepanels element to display the description…

Seems to work now, changed the data source for popup.

@Dumitru Thank you so much!!

I’ve been scratching my head for a week on this now!

You Rock! :blush:

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Hi @Dumitru

Thanks for the Expanded view fix, BUT, now whatever I type in the expanded box - converts that to HTML in the Small Text Editor, hence my event description is in a HTML code format.

I’m not able to understand what should be the value here?

Please help!!

Hi there!

@vatsa I believe when shrinking, the RichtextInput Small’s value should remain as the method to display data. Change the RTE mainversion to RichtextInput value.
Should help.

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