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ZQ Text Editor - Show images and videos in a lightbox/modal?

Thanks for the great plugin!

When a user embeds images and videos in their editor content, you’ve done a great job of allowing them to resize as necessary.

The next logical step from a usability perspective is to have a way for the content that’s been scaled down in the editor view to be viewed in a lightbox or modal. I realize this can be difficult if it’s in conflict with the resize controls during edit-mode. But in read-mode I can’t see a reason why it’s not possible, other than there is no way to connect to specific inner content of a RTE inside of Bubble’s workflows currently.

Is there any workaround for this? My app has a serious need for showing thumbnail images and videos in the RTE content, with the ability to click on them to view them larger and in isolation.

Even using custom code would be a win for me, if it’s possible.

@chris1 Hello.

Sorry for a late response.
We’ll check this out, to see what could be done with the provided feedback. We’ll provide an update on the matter asap.
Thanks for understanding.

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@chris1 Hi !

We pushed an update for plugin changes:

  • Added modal feature to open images for Read Only mode.

Unfortunately for videos it’s not possible to do so. You could try displaying videos via Video Player plugin
Please upgrade to latest version of it, refresh the app and give it a try.


Thanks for working on this!

It looks like it only works when the mode is “Display Only”, not “Lite” and “Read Only”. Is that intentional?

In my previous example, I was trying to build a viewer like Medium, but Medium would essentially be Lite mode because the height adjusts for the content. Would it be possible to turn this on for “Lite” > “Read Only”? It still seems strange to me that when “Read Only” is turned on in “Lite” mode, the user can still change the size of images, they just aren’t saved to the DB. That seems like a bug.

Hi @chris1

The feature is indeed only for “Display Mode”, since for Default and Lite modes it would overlap with the resizing feature. That’s it was chosen for Display Mode.

For other other modes there is no plan to add the Modal at the moment.

Thanks for understanding.