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Agora.io WebRTC Voice-Chat Plugin?

Hi there.

Would you kindly introduce and release audio only plugin?
We would require Agora Voice chat plugin because of building peer to peer voice chat app.
From before since there are not any plugins that offering only voice chat, we used agora video plugin instead of voice feature.
As our product’s launch date getting close and testing to users, we found that video plugins are uncomfortable when it comes to talking only voice feature, especially latencies and background playing.
We would be much appreciated if you would possibly release agora voice chat plugin.


Hello, @wors.biz
Thanks for your feedback.

I’m afraid, we don’t create plugins for users or do plugin customization services, mostly we develop them by following the market demand.
However, we’ve taken into consideration the ability to add a chat function in future updates. We need to see how feasible it is to implement.

Thanks for understanding and for your feedback!

Hello, @wors.biz

In addition to my previous answer, I would like to point out the following:

Taking into consideration that you are interested in audio chat, you can Mute the Video element on the workflow level.
It means that Video will be muted by default. Please find my screenshot with Workflow settings:

Hope it will help.

Hello, Ecaterina.
We are grateful for introduced ways of imitating voice function.

In fact, we were asking you before how to make it more comfortable agora.io video plugin by using only the voice function. We would much appreciate dealing with it but since your company answered, it seems much better for us by considering the voice plugin, and post this thread.

Now that we are aware of your company’s situation. And we wish if it could be released!



Hello, @wors.biz

Indeed, shutting down the camera via a workflow is not suitable in your case.
We will consider creating this function in future updates. Thank you for your ideas.

Thanks for understanding.

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Hello, @wors.biz!

Just wanted to tell you that with the latest Agora plugin update we made, there is the ability to run a video conference room without enabled video. Which might suit your use case:

Hope it helps! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey @wors.biz if you’re still looking for a chat plugin for your peer to peer chat app, you can look into AtomChat. Its an end user chat plugin that provides text-chat, voice and video calling features with a host of other features.