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Agora Video Conferencing (WebRTC) and Streaming with Cloud Recording - New Plugin from Zeroqode


Agora.io is on a mission to change the way the world communicates. Agora is known for developing the industry-leading real-time communication framework that serves over 10 billion minutes a month of real-time video, audio, and live interactive broadcasting.

  • Important Update 15-th of May, 2020:
    we have updated the Agora plugin: added the Streaming component and improved stability by updating to latest SDK.
    Agora Streaming drives user engagement by quickly building live broadcasting directly to users.

  • Update 13th of October, 2020:
    Added the ability to record in streaming mode and to choose between the camera and screen sharing**

For demo, docs and more details, please click here: https://zeroqode.com/plugin/agora-video-conferencing-1569252528377x662238049686155900

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Levon Terteryan

Founder @ Zeroqode


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I really like the look of this!

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Hey there ZQ team!

OK, I have just tried the demo version of this on your site and it wasn’t picking up audio… is that a bug or is it not enabled on the demo?

Also, I have had a look through their documentation and they actually have a screen share feature as well as a recording feature.

It would be an absolute game changer for me if these features were also included in the plugin.

I look forward to your reply :slight_smile:

Thanks as always

Hello there, @shaun, Thanks for reaching out,

So on the bug with the Sound is fixed already, now you can update the plugin and to use enjoy it.

Also we decided that to add the screen share functionality feature, and the recording feature we will add them in the next updates, our team is already developing them.

When it will be ready I will update you of a matter,

Thank you,

@Nikita.S Zeroqode is the absolute best!!! :heart:

The debugger is showing up this error:

The plugin Agora Video Conferencing / element Agora Connector threw the following error: ReferenceError: $jscomp is not defined
at eval (eval at m.create_code (https://dhtiece9044ep.cloudfront.net/package/run_debug_js/dda99166e5db686c2b37c9dc8de2abb1692251d461899e2d69948aac6ff68d7b/xfalse/x5:13:1928014), :3:399)
at https://dhtiece9044ep.cloudfront.net/package/run_debug_js/dda99166e5db686c2b37c9dc8de2abb1692251d461899e2d69948aac6ff68d7b/xfalse/x5:13:1952154 (please report this to the plugin author)

Hello there @shaun,

We can’t reproduce this bug could you please provide me step by step how to reproduce the bug.

And how is set up your Elements and Actions which threw the error

Thank you,

And also @shaun, can you tell me your Bubble version, Browser and Browser version please.

Thank you

Hi Nikita and Levon!

I just signed up for your Agora WebRTC and signed up with Agora to get a dev key. I can’t make this work. I followed your instructions carefully and I’m sure there’s one small thing I missed!




Hi Nikita!

I need some help with your Agora plugin.
I did the following:
signed up for a dev account with Agora.
placed the App ID into the Agora ID space in the Agora plugin in Bubble.
put the Agora connector onto my page
put two groups onto the page and titled them “agora-remote” and “agora-local”
made a button that triggers the action, “Join Room Agora Connector A”
set the room title to the input .

Nothing happens.
This seems to work on your demo.

Can you tell me how to fix this? Have I missed a step?

I’m requiring video chat and I’d prefer to use this over skype!



Hello there @ashley.benson.tait, I suggest you to add [email protected] to your app collaborators, and our team will check that.

Thank you,

So on @ashley.benson.tait please add [email protected] in collaborators, and we will check how is set up your plugin and elements.

Thank you,

Hi Nikita,

I have just recorded how I produced the error and sent you a link via DM… hope that helps :slight_smile:

Hello there @shaun, thank you for your video, it’s very informative,

First of all, you have to change in Join Room workflow first action element, you have input A selected - https://prnt.sc/psmflh. It should be the Agora connector Element selected - there.

I believe when you will fix this one, everything else gonna be alright.

If this doesn’t help, we will proceed another way.
Thank you for your video,

Hey @shaun, @ashley.benson.tait while I was testing the app, and watching a video I’ve noticed the same error, it should be the temporary bug which isn’t faced by everyone, soon we will find out how to avoid this issue and I will update you of a matter ASAP.

Thank you for reaching out,

Hi Nikita, that makes sense.

I made the change mentioned above but I still get the same error… also on the index page where I hadn’t made that mistake (I just double checked) I am still getting the error.

I’ll wait to hear back from you regarding the bug.

If there’s anything I can do to help please let me know :slight_smile:



Hey @shaun, @ashley.benson.tait we have fixed the plugin, now it works fine.

@ashley.benson.tait you have to generate new Agora ID Key and insert it in the plugin settings.

@shaun, I hope you will not face the issues with our plugin.

So on guys waiting for your feedback.

Thank you,

This is absolutely amazing! Tested it on Chrome, Firefox and iOS and its working on all!!

For some reason it wouldn’t work on iOS or Firefox the first time but it might have been a bad connection.

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but the full screen doesn’t work when you click it and it would be good it the buttons changed to red when the camera or mic is turned off.

With Bubble is there any way that we can create an action that shows the current devices camera and audio settings? I think that would also be handy.

All in all this is a great plugin that adds incredible possibilities to our apps.

I’m really looking forward to the recording and other features being released. I hope I don’t have to wait too long for them!

Thanks again ZQ!

Hey @shaun, I have checked the full-screen mode, it will be fixed ASAP.

Also If you like our plugin you can rate it by going to Plugins tab in Bubble editor. Find the plugin by name and it give it as many stars as it deserves :slight_smile: The more feedback we get, the more motivated we are to make things better in Bubble.

Thank you,

Hi Nikita,

That’s great that things are running for shaun! Cool. Mine is still not working.

hmmm… Nikita, did you login and check to see if things were working in my account?