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🖥 Agora Video Conferencing (WebRTC) - New Plugin from Zeroqode


Hi Ashley,
so did you actually provide access to your app? What’s the link to the editor please? Since you didn’t reply here on the forum we thought you don’t want to let us in.


ok we found the link to your app and will check it out
sorry for the confusion


so, it looks like you didn’t upgrade the plugin version (sorry we didn’t explicitly instruct you to do so).
now all works fine


Hey @shaun, @ashley.benson.tait we have fixed the full screen mode and added disable mic, and video icons. Now you have to update to the latest version and refresh the page.

Each feedback will be appriciated :slight_smile:

Thank you,


Thank you so much @Nikita.S and the rest of the ZQ team… I’ve just tested it and this plugin just keeps getting better. I have noticed that on iOS the controls are not accessible for the agora-local but they are for the agora-remote - I’m assuming that they’ve just been missed when creating this latest update.

I have to admit… I am really impressed and excited at the speed with which the ZeroQode team have developed the requested features.

I honestly can’t wait for the recording and screenshare features!!! Those feature will absolutely complete a feature of my app… I can’t wait!!!

Thanks again for your support and for creating this plugin!

I left the review as requested :slight_smile: It’s a shame I can’t give this plugin 10 stars!!! It’s awesome!!


@shaun, Glad to read this kind of feedback, really apreciate it.

So on regarding the native IOS controls, they shouldn be displayed at all, but there is kind of issue which occasionally diplays them, that’s why we should fix this kind of issue, it’s in our priorities.

Thank you again for kind words.


Hey there @shaun, we have fixed the issue with native IOS buttons, please update the plugin till the latest version, and refresh your page.

Enjoy it, the Screenshare and Record is now in development process, and I will update you of a matter when it will be done.

Thank you,


Brilliant… I honestly can’t wait for that!!! I’m hoping Christmas comes early on this one!!! :christmas_tree: :wink: