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Air calendar recurring events

Hi, is there some documentation on how to create recurring events with Air Calendar please?

Thanks in advance

Hello @lisaalger

Thanks for reaching out.

Unfortunately, the Air Calendar plugin doesn’t provide this feature, I will discuss with my team the possibility of adding this feature to the future plugin update. However, I suppose it can be done with API workflows.

Try researching backend workflows (API Workflows). These will be vital for scheduling events to happen like that. Basically, very simply put, backend workflows are workflows that run on the server, not in the browser. So the backend workflows can run even when there is no user on your site to trigger the workflow at that time. You can schedule a backend workflow to happen at a certain time, then trigger itself to run again next week.

Here are a couple of useful links which might help you:

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Also, Bubble Forum threads about recurring events:

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Hope it helps. In case any other questions will appear, please let me know, I will be glad to help. :pray:t2: